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    This website designed only to collect money for beer
    the creators of the site.All that is published on this website
    under no circumstances is not a public offer ,
    has no political ,commercial ,religious and
    other purposes. Blagoroden in advance for donations for beer.


    Begging-the legacy of antiquity
    Begging is known for a long time, its origins go back to the times BC.
    Beggars have always been certain places ,such as at the gates of the cities or at the entrance to the Church.
    In the modern world begging reached global proportions : from subway trains ,traffic jams, and to entire States.
    From this we can conclude that it's not shameful and not antisocial, judge for yourself example : Wife or mistress beg their men cars ,fur coats, jewelry ,money or just money. Some categories of men are asking the ladies for a beer or something stronger. Children beg for toys ,candy, etc. Dogs and cats constantly beg for food and snacks. States usually ask for money for weapons or democracy.
    We do not set any global targets(such as the purchase of cars or fur coats , assistance to States) ,we only beg you have a little bit of beer money which is unfairly expensive every month.


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